Me and Mr. Jones.

How do I love this card? Let us count the ways. The shadow before stubble was fashionable. The glasses. The thick phone-wire hanging from them. And what is that reflected in his specs? Empty bleachers?

His father was a racecar driver, so maybe Doug Jones is pretending he's at Daytona, watching fast cars. He was himself not all that into speed, preferring slow change-ups and an assortment of other pitches to establish himself as a dependable reliever. Between 1988 and 1990, Jones averaged 37 saves a year. Playing for Houston in the Astrodome in 1992, he struck out 93 in 111 2/3 innings. He appeared in five All-Star games.

And most significantly, he is also pictured at the top of this blog holding a gigantic video camera.

If anyone else has Old Technology cards of Doug Jones, please let me know what you might be searching for in trade.


dayf said...

Doug Jones is one of my favorites. I wish my mustache was as robust as his.

Uglee Card said...

That mustache is eating his face!

TheJaw said...

I think the dugout steps are reflected in his sunglasses.