Papi takes a call.

You are dazed, bewildered, trapped in a world of giant wristbands. But there's hope--why, there are a couple of people in the Rock Cats stands! Your optimism takes over....you smile broadly.

This is no ordinary baseball card. This is the Twilight Phone.

Thanks to Blake at TwinsCards.


On Base Autos said...

I had not seen that Ortiz card before. Thanks for sharing.

Joey said...

I think that is the first card I have seen with a player on a telephone. Wonder who he is talking too?

olagatohouse said...

There's that 1993 Upper Deck card of Ron Karkovice on the phone (the guy at White Sox Cards posted it a few weeks back) but pictures of guys on phones are indeed sort of on the rare end of things.

nmboxer said...

Joey, if you search 'Brian Harper' in this blog you can see another great telephone card, courtesy www.twinscards.com.