Topps Heritage 2008. Pink Cardillac.

On a daily round of errands today we came across an entire pack of Topps Heritage 2008. We liked this pink smiling card with the blue sky background.

We can see why everyone seems to enjoy this set. (Well, almost everyone.) First of all, it meets the critical standard (for us) of being thick uncoated cardboard rather than shiny coated floor tiles. Second, apart from the player depiction, the card design itself--the frame, the varied colors--is pleasing to the eye. And third, the backs are great. The fun facts, the stats placement. And we always loved those little cartoons. There I said it. WE LOVE THE LITTLE CARTOONS. Yes, there are Issues with the Weavers. Yes, his left ear is red. However, the smile works well here.

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morineko said...

Jered Weaver! The 21st century Chuck Finley! (Or at least he's borrowing Finley's hair.)