No Heads Up, but a good consolation card.

Lucy sent Joe Mauer a Goudey 2007 Heads Up card. In reply, we got this in the mail last week (with the Goudey card returned). The Minnesota Twins deserve their good reputation for keeping fans happy. Don't really care who signed this note on the back of the card (you can see the 'Joe' indent on the upper right) because Joe is smiling and L. liked it.


Anonymous said...

So he refused the autograph request but signed the letter and throw in a bonus card? Weird...it would've took him way quicker just sign the card than go type a letter.

Curveball said...

Is the front of the postcard signed or a preprint?

Morneau lets the front office handle his stuff, too.

But both players sit down and sign a bunch of team issue cards a couple of times a year for just these purposes.