We like Micah.

One of the aspects I liked most about the Mets when I was a kid (other than the fact that my very cool mother liked them) was their unbelievable hustle and wide-eyed enjoyment of the game. We loved the individual team players but also the team's personality. Right now, I see that cohesive, driven personality in the Diamondbacks. Is it just me, or do the current Mets seem weighed down by gold chains and lack of drive? I suspect they are "eh" about Willie Randolph, the manager. That's what I suspect. Worry not, I won't let them go, or give up on the team.

But right now, when we crave Pure Mettified Joy, we watch the Diamondbacks. The games lately have been unbelievably exciting and the young players have an appeal that stems from their earnestness. It's fun to watch Micah play because he hits, slides, lurches around, gives it everything he's got. He's always very dirty by the end of his stint. On July 26, 2007 Micah hit his first Major League home run against Byung-Hyun Kim of the Florida Marlins; he has a record-setting pitcher batting average that earned him the 2007 Silver Slugger Award. Bob Melvin, Diamondbacks manager, is something to behold...including using Micah as a pinch hitter now and then and considering putting him at first when he's not pitching so as to get his bat in the rotation.

Anyway. We like Micah. This is our third cool MO card. "That is now my FAVORITE CARD," said Lucy, and thus it made the blog cut.

PS The managerial contrast tonight between Bob Melvin and the opposing manager, Saint Joe Torre of the Stinking Yankees (yes, I know he's wearing Dodger Blue now because the SY only wanted to give him a teeny one million dollar raise) pretty much sums it up for me. Go Bob.

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timrooks said...

That is an awesome card. I'm jealous.