Now THIS is a blaster.

Everything in baseball card collecting life argues for trading only. Not buying blaster boxes such as outlined in the post below this one. The post that isn't really comparing the world's crises to getting two bad blasters. Except a little. Those dastardly Targeterians put the trading cards right near the checkout counter! But in an exercise in self control, our conclusion is that we will avoid retail for a nice long time; it's too much like buying a lottery ticket.

So, whence baseball cards? In a cosmic moment of supporting the notion of Avoiding Retail (a notion that may last a long time, or may not), this arrived in the mail today:

No, not the Burt's Bees chapstick. That is in the picture, as they say in crime investigation labs, "for scale." We would have called the local fire and rescue service to detonate this box, except we had received a preliminary explanatory email from the sender.

Wait until you see what was in the box.

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