The cards of Micah.

We are resurfacing from our organizing frenzy (more people will receive packages soon) and thought we'd start with something we learned about one of our favorite players, Micah Owings. It turns out that there are indeed Micah fans out there and this week we got a wonderfully informative email from one Ann C. about him.
MO often appends the following Bible verse to his autograph: Phillipians 4:13, which reads in the NIV as
"I can do everything through him who gives me strength."

It turns out that she too was crestfallen when Micah was traded to the Reds...not that there's anything wrong with the Reds, but MO played for Tulane, joined the Tucson Sidewinders, and worked hard to become a Dback. It was satisfying to watch him actually BE a Diamondback, and the elements of continuity, loyalty, and longstanding determination all played out in his story. In fact, he became an important member of that team, and seeing him traded away was disappointing.

Thanks to Ann, Dinged Corners now knows a great deal more about MO, including that our certainty about his goodness as a person as well as a ballplayer is well-founded. And here's a very basic fact that we feel comfortable sharing:

we had no idea that a player who is not a big star and hasn't been around for that long would have so many baseball cards manufactured with his likeness.

Here is the list that Ann sent me of "the ridiculous amount of cards" she has thus far collected featuring Micah Owings. Clearly, we have a bit of work to do:

2003Upper Deck
USA Baseball #USA2 2003 National Team
USA Baseball National Pride # USA2
USA Baseball National Pride #
USA2 G-U Jerseys, gray and white
USA Baseball National Pride #USA22 G-U Jersey, white
USA Baseball Team USA Signatures #S-2, red; and blue
USA Baseball Team USA Signed jersey # USA-J2
USA Baseball Finite Stars and Stripes #USA-J2, game-used blue jersey
USA Baseball Finite Stars and Stripes #USA-2

2004 Upper Deck
USA Baseball Greatest Moments 2003 National Team #USA 191
2005 Topps Bowman
First Year #BDP108 Black, White; Gold (autographed);
First Year Chrome #BDP108, Black refractor; Blue refr. ;Xfractor

First Year Chrome Autograph #UH235 White; Black

2006 Grandstand
Tennessee Smokies Baseball
Southern League Top Prospect (pictured above)

Topps Bowman
Signs of the Future #SOF-MO
Sterling Prospect Refractor, #BSP-MO

Just Rookies Preview 2006 # JRPr-12; Black
Justifiable #JF30; White Autograph; Black; Silver Autograph; Silver

Multi-Ad Sports
Sidewinders team card

2007 Upper Deck
By the Letter Rookie Signatures #152, "I"; "S", letters cut from his name on his jersey
Elements #227 Acetate
Elements #185
Elements #143
Exquisite Endorsements #EE-MO
Exquisite Imagery #EI-MO
Exquisite Imagery # EI-MO2
Exquisite Rookie Biography #ERB-MO
Exquisite Rookie All Rookie Team #ART-MO
Exquisite Rookie Signatures #187 gold; silver
Exquisite Rookie Signatures Dual Sigs #EDS-OC
Future Stars Cy Young Prospect # CY-MO
Future Stars Two for the Bigs # TS-OL
Future Stars Two for the Bigs #TS-OM
Future Stars All Star Prospects #AS-MO
Game Dated Debut, #GDD-OW
Rookie Dated Debuts # RD-MO
Rookie of the Year Predictors # ROY21
Season Highlights Signatures #SHS-MO
Series 1 Baseball Star Rookie #SR41
Series 2 Baseball Star Rookie #89-MO (autographed)
Series 2 Baseball #524
SP Rookie Edition #132
SP Rookie Edition #174
SP Rookie Edition #273
SP Rookie Edition #223
Sweet Beginnings Signatures Sweet Spot Baseball #132
Ticket To Stardom Major League Debut # TS-MO
Ultimate Collection Rookie Signatures # 127
UD Masterpieces Stroke of Genius #SG-MO

Rookie Card #402
Ultra Rookies #235

Chrome #283 Black, Blue refractors; Red refr.; White refr, Black Xfractor
Chrome Update refractor rookie card # TRC21
Chrome Update #UH169; Copper; Gold; First Edition
Diamondbacks Team Card # 598 Gold Parallel;
eTopps Refractor #38
Rookie 110 red back; black back;
Rookie TRCR90 (1952) Silver refractor; White chrome
Rookie TRCR90 (1952) Gold refractor
Turkey Red #39; #39 Chrome; and #39 Refractor, Black Refrac.

Topps Bowman
Bowman's Best #80, Gold; green; blue
Bowman Sterling #BS-MO; refractor; black refractor
Heritage #236: foil no autograph; plain no auto; foil with auto; plain with auto; black border plain with auto (67 varieties before 2008)

2008 Upper Deck
First Edition #76
Series 1, #92
Series 1, All Rookie Team #ART-MO
Series 2, Diamond Collection #DC-14
SPX Young Stars Signatures #YSS-MO

D-Backs Series card ARI7
D-Backs series card 382 silver foil; gold foil; gold

Topps Heritage

Upper Deck
Exquisite Rookie autograph 1/1 (2007)

Ann has not bothered with multiple-player autograph cards--and we can see why. The logic behind pairings (and triplings/quadruplings) on those cards often is a mystery to us. She also doesn't have all the By the Letter auto cards--a category that intrigues us, but that's an expensive six-card commitment! O W I N G S.

Our naive question of the day: if Micah Owings has this many cards, how many cards are made for someone like Alex Rodriquez or for that matter Evan Longoria or Tim Lincecum? Holy paper pulp, Batman.


night owl said...

I remember the "good old days" when Kellogg's or Hostess would dare to make a card of a player after Topps had already made one. Two cards of a player? That's too much work for one collector. ... Seriously, that's what us kids thought.

MDA said...

I might be able to get a 2006 Tennessee Smokies Micha Owings card for you. I live about 12 miles from their park. No promises, but I'll keep my eyes open.

Nice blog, by the way. Thanks for sharing.