All is Wright with the world.

We went to the PO box today and found two packages, one from Cardboard Junkie and one from Eric S. Thus we shall be quite postful tomorrow. (And tomorrow we will have a crack at getting items ready for mailing; we're working on mail for, among others, gcrl, Saints of the Cheap Seats, Eric S., and, as fate would have it, also dayf. Now that we are scary organized, that's no problem. Now the problem is delay because we think, 'oh, we'll add a couple more.' Then a long time goes by. Well, we succeeded at getting more organized; now we must conquer PROCARDSTINATION.)

We will discuss Eric's cards first. Lucy liked the David Wrights that Eric sent verrrry much.

The cards were intriguing partly because we hadn't seen most of the designs before! It's cool when you come upon new cardiness in person rather than in pictures online. My only problem with the above shot of David Wright is that in it he exactly resembles Sylar from Heroes. We'd seen a similar expression of concern about a Josh Hamilton card. What's happening?? Not sure, but take precautions. RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!

Here's another we hadn't see up close before, Upper Deck Timeline. Flip the card, different uniform on the back.In the First Pitch card below, David is looking straight ahead, peering between the "s" and "e" in "BASE":
In this 2005 Topps, he seems quite square of jaw:

Mr. Brazell doesn't seem quite as slick in his black helmet as does David Wright. Maybe it's the angle on the ear flap? We're just sayin'.

This infield power card remains attractive despite extraneous graphics. Maybe it's because of that sweet Mets shiny logo, all circular and silver and blue. Yes, that's it; this card has feng shui:

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Slette said...

Hopefully you needed some of the stuff in there and you weren't too burdened with doubles/junk!