Focus! Commitment! Soon, victory will be OURS!

We're trying to get fired up and ready to go.

Part of the thoughtful Bat Around

question posed for bloggers by Sports Cards Uncensored seeks to discover and address the challenges baseball card hobbyists face. Special thanks to Gellman for avoiding use of the term 'blogosphere.'

This usually for us relates to organization. We began collecting as an offshoot of our kid's interest, and started blogging in January this year. Since then, the organization challenge is defining and narrowing down.

At least we know that we remain totally committed to 2008 Allen & Ginter. But we also realized that we ought to return to our [nearly year-old] roots.

Our kid who started all this remains most interested in--besides David Wright of the Mets--collecting baseball cards of Asian players. Both our girls have an abiding interest in Japanese culture, and therein also lies a rich baseball history. Jamie Moyer, Barry Zito and Curtis Granderson remain key to moi. Barry is my zen. More on this soon, thanks to Nennth Inning.

We have received a beautiful array of Asian-player cards from bloggers and readers, which has led to this happy binder (on the right):

The collecting-Asian-players approach has proven infallible and has led to such beautiful finds as this Chan Ho Park (who this month filed for free agency) from Saints of the Cheap Seats:

And many, many cards that we've shown over the past year.

So we'll keep up the Asian player collection because we all love it--and we'll add a focus on Japanese Collegiate All-Stars from 2008 Upper Deck USA Baseball.

This challenge we find intriguing. JCF did a neat post on Team USA cards at waxbreaker back in June. Yes, that's about how behind we are in our cardthought processes.

Is anyone else pursuing the Team USA set or any inserts or subsets? Just curious. And, if by any chance you have any of these for trade, we'd like to know.

Japanese Collegiate All-Star Autographs (#'d to 50)
Japanese Collegiate All-Star Jerseys- Japanese Collegiate All-Star Jersey Patch (# to 20)
Japanese Collegiate All-Star The Letters (Var. #'d)

Tough, but at least it seems possible. And...it's finite. There are not 792 cards in the set. More in the 69 range.

For now, that is the biggest challenge--narrowing down what we collect.

Did you know Yuki Saitoh is called "the handkerchief prince" in Japan? (Based on the blue towel handkerchief Saito-san used to wipe his face while on the mound during Japan's 2006 national high school baseball summer championship--he pitched 42 innings in the final 4 days). However, the cards do not seem to contain any game-used towel bits. You know, maybe that's best.

Just jerseys. Anyway, in summary, we will alter the 'What We Collect' list at right to reflect this pursuit. Will we still savor the 1971 and 1983 Topps and 1994 Cracker Jack and other cards that we have gathered? You betcha.

But we're also going to get tough. We're going to seek. Focus. And find. 2008 Upper Deck USA Baseball, we are on the case!

Or at least the hobby box.


dayf said...

Good post, I didn't even know these Japanese auto cards existed!

I also have A&G card 318 Andre Ethier for you, it will be in the mail shortly. Keep that focus!

thehamiltonian said...

I'm doing the set of hard signed Team USA cards that finish out the base set. I am not quite half done. I broke a couple of the boxed sets, and really liked the looks of the cards, and also, I hate having sets around without the SPs.

I think I have a couple of the Japanese Collegiate All-Stars jerseys in my trade box. I ended up with two of the same guy in one box, and he didn't seem to be really popular. I'll dig around and see what I have left.

deal said...

Do you count Johnny Damon as an Asian player? He was born in the US, but his mother is Thai.

dinged corners said...

Focus is kind of freeing, isn't it?

Tricia, we will find something good to trade you! If all else fails our artistic daughter will draw you a top notch Josh card. She's getting the hang of it...check out Micah on the righthand side of the blog.

deal I forgot about Johnny's mom. I bet he counts...I'll check with the boss.

thehamiltonian said...

I'm always a little envious of people who can draw something and then have it look like something. Even more envious of people who can draw something and have it look like the thing they were drawing. :)

Motherscratcher said...

Great post. I try to focus. I really do. I just can't. There's too much out there I like enough to feel like I can't give it up. I'm still stuck in my 12 year old mind's illusions of owning every card ever made... and having them completely organized.