Headgear flying off.

A three-fer in this card...not only does Mr. Mayne's mask fly off, but his helmet seems tight and his sunglasses are crazy.

This one is pretty busy too, but in separate photos: the cool, calm and collected smile paired with the upward hopeful stare, mask being removed...and umpire otherwise occupied.

Umpire shoe! Helmet in midair! Mask about to be dropped! Giant robotic catcher's gear shoe flap!

Will he get it? Footsie afoot. Helmet AND mask in mid-air.

Ok, hm, we don't think he got it.

If you were a baseball player, would you want some other player mentioned on the back of one of your cards? There ain't room enough in this town for the both of us, pardner.

Thank you, Greg A.!


capewood said...

Do you think the photo on the back of Hundley's card is a continuation of the play on the front? Did his helmet fall right back on his head? I'd like to have seen that!

dc said...

We WISH it had. Isn't that enough? :)