Mets Looking Left PLUS miscellany.

JV of Treasure Never Buried, the blog vortex of deep thought, sent us some really sweet cards. In particular one autographed card that Lucy totally flipped over, which will appear at the end of this post. One theme quickly emerged as we sorted through the cards: Mets Looking To Their Left. There's quite a bit going on, including left-looking, in this Jose Reyes card. That is a busy bottom third of a card.

Same with this Johan card. A certain person in our family who up until now has ONLY liked Allen & Ginter cards reluctantly admits a certain admiration for SP Authentic. This is similar to someone who only drives Bentleys suddenly taking a happy tear around the block in a Ford Edge.

David Wright's facial expression always seems worried after he gets a hit.By the way, the two X cards above came from different sources: JV on the left and White Sox Cards on the right. This is called "the meeting of the twain."

David seems concerned when fielding:

The following David Wright card from JV is what we call transitional. We will use it to transition to some Barry Zito cards:

For some reason, throwing arm notwithstanding, the above shot of David reminds us of Barry. Which raises the question, how can anyone not love Barry Zito cards? How how how how? Tell us. We need to know. He combines "flake" with "deep" and "spacey" and "odd" and "hunky" and "occasionally quite good" with "sometimes seems overpaid" in a hypnotizing way:

Actually, even though we carefully transitioned to Barry Zito, we want to go back for one moment not to Mets Looking Left but to Random Players Looking To Their Left:

Okay, thank you for allowing that digression.

And in an unrelated development, we must share a mantra we now utter when standing outside to pick up the girls at school. Every other mom who is there--including many nice ones who are talking to us while our mind wanders--discuss weather, the PTA, home repairs, politics, you name it. They are wonderful, smart, engaged parents. Nevertheless, there's a good chance that in our BB-in-a-boxcar brain, Dinged Corners is thinking something like, "You can never have enough Micah cards."

JV outdid himself here by sending us a Micah we hadn't seen before. Here's the back:

And the front:

Oh by the way, here's Curtis Granderson Looking Left, too:

All righty then.
REGARDING THE MASTHEAD: We became grumpy upon finding out about places that are using that particular crate label...you can go to tildology for more about this matter and also scroll down this blog to find use of the Safe Hit crate label on that Fairfield repack box. Tild was spectacularly nice enough to come with an alternate, which is now the Dinged Corners masthead. Thank you very much, Tild.
ALSO: We have recently received, for whatever undeserving reason, some fantastic cards from gca, gcrl, tastelikedirt, whitesoxcards, and saints of the cheap seats, among others. We are planning posts to feature more of these cards in the next week or so. Just so you know that there are cool visuals coming.
And here's the autographed card from JV that made Lucy so happy:


night owl said...

I go back and forth, back and forth about whether I want my masthead changed. I like the idea of changing it, but my artistically challenged self gets in the way. ... I quite like your old masthead and your new one.

DC said...

Night owl, since we are literal-minded, we like that this new one is A) a baseball card with B) dinged corners.

But in addition to being literal-minded, we are also wishy-washy, and will probably end up either alternating mastheads or putting the whole matter up to a vote.

PunkRockPaint said...

We at PunkRockPaint love the new masthead! Fantastic!

capewood said...

That was nice of Tild to make you a new masthead. I keep leaving comments on her blog hoping she'll link back to me and make me one.