Micah and...the Braves?

This Micah Owings card is a new addition to the collection. When there's a bargain to be had, it's amazing how we go against our own displeasure with sticker autos, eh? Let's see if we can distract you from this startling propensity.

News comes from our friend Ann C., source of Most of Our Micah News, about Micah's participation in the Rally Foundation, which has the mission of raising money for childhood cancer research through grassroots initiatives. He recently attended a benefit bash (along with Chipper Jones, Kelly Johnson and Brian McCann)

that helped raise $183,000 for research.

Tom Glavine (remember him? the former Met?) and John Smoltz

have also played a significant role in fundraising for this group.

We thought it might be nice if once in the blue moon we take a teeny tiny peek beyond the cardboard. Or, for that matter, the stickers.

Kelly Johnson card photo from onbaseautos; John Smoltz: the Rally Foundation; Chipper Jones and BB Abbott photo by Elizabeth Westby.

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