The six facial expressions of baseball players.

This card reminds us that baseball players seem always to wear one of six possible expressions:

1-the non-expression-that-borders-on-grim look, often when signing autographs
2-the smile
3-the look of effort (mid-swing, mid-catch, midair, or mid-pitch)
4-the self-satisfied look (watching as homerun leaves park)
5-the worried look (many David Wright cards)
6-Tim Teufel

Are we missing any?

Thank you for the great scan, Night Owl.


dayf said...

You forgot this one:



night owl said...

I should've sent you a scan of the back of the card. Same great facial expression, but even closer.

Kevin said...

Food for thought: Teufel is German for "devil". According to "The Bad Guys Won", which is about the 1986 Mets, Tim was actually quite the mild-mannered family man and one of the few decent guys on that team.

jacobmrley said...

wally moon's unibrow has an expression all its own.