Why it may not be good to seek a blaster on Black Friday.

Stay home today. Eat turkey sandwiches. Watch yer football games. Chill. Here's yet another reason why:

A worker died after being trampled by a throng of unruly shoppers when a suburban Wal-Mart opened for the holiday sales rush Friday, authorities said. At least three other people were injured. A "medical emergency" had caused the company to close the store in Valley Stream on Long Island. Nassau County police said the 34-year-old worker was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead at about 6 a.m., an hour after the store opened.

A police statement said shortly after 5 a.m., a throng of shoppers "physically broke down the doors, knocking (the worker) to the ground." Police also said a 28-year-old pregnant woman was taken to a hospital for observation and three other shoppers suffered minor injuries and were also taken to hospitals.

Sheesh. :(


Motherscratcher said...

And there it is. The official start to the Christmas season. It's the most wonderful time of the year.


Just read about this myself. That's just crazy ! Nobody needs anything that bad.I had to work today or I'd at home sorting the cards I have !!! I went shopping once on Black Friday....never again !

capewood said...

The day after Thanksgiving is the day we put up our Christmas tree and decorations inside the house. A few years ago we went to the movies on Black Friday, thinking everyone would be shopping. We found that not everyone was shopping. The people not shopping went to the movies. Now we stay home.

White Sox Cards said...

If I heard on the news correctly, the woman lost the baby, which is INEXCUSABLE!!! Not to say that a worker being trampled to death is excusable. They are both tragic results of mob mentality. I smell a few lawsuits on the horizon.

If I have to go shopping on Black Friday, I wait until the afternoon.

Flash said...

I was out for Black Friday. It's funny how some people will help you obtain the same goal as themselves but others will completely knock you out of the way in order to obtain the goal themselves. Makes you fear for what would happen if these were vital resources we were all competing for like food.