Batty for this card.

Ramon Castro removed his catcher's mask to get a better look at the card.

Tom Terrific mowed down a Red so he could see the card.

Ronny Cedeno made the catch (with his pant legs adjusted perfectly over Nike athletic shoes) but what he really wanted to catch was a glimpse of the card.

Pacific Trading Cards wrote mash notes to Nolan Ryan--we particularly like 'God gave Nolan a great body'--in rehearsal for the words they would bestow on the card.

Nolan Ryan himself brazenly bared utterly white arms in advance of reaching for the card:

Tsuyoshi Shinjo, an Asian Met player bat card containing the purest of Met blue. Involving a giant wrist band. And David Wright's future number.


Thank you, Padrographs. And thank you Rob for the NR.


Scott said...

That is a SWEET Tom Seaver card.

Ross said...


Merry Christmas Ladies