Be careful! Baby in the dugout!

Night Owl recently sent us some very cool cards. This one of Mr. Overbay had the effect of making us a teensy bit nervous. Okay? So being an overly cautious parental unit, I did wonder if this is the safest place in the world to hold a tiny baby. Plus baby's body language indicates that perhaps an appearance by mama would be appreciated.
We're just going to come right out and say it. We want Ichiro to shave that semi-mustache clean away. Period. End of story!

The optical illusion in HoJo's swing is that the bat is bending. Like the wavy spoon trick. This is a good shot capturing speediness.

We are awaiting one more card to complete A&G. We'll set off fireworks, or at least a blogwork, as soon as that occurs.

The classic Davidian stance. Could the fans be any blurrier? Thus making it hard to identify them. It would even be hard to identify oneself in this blurrage.

Topps 2008 is definitely the Large Print Edition for stats.


night owl said...

I notice David Wright, on this card anyway, doesn't write the 'ht' on his signature, so it's "David Wrig." Does he do that all the time?

DC said...

No, usually there's a legible "t," along with his number. Here's the only signed card Lucy has of DW: