Hello. I'd like to introduce you to the 2007 Topps card of David Wright. This is the centerpiece of Lucy's collection. First we had to discuss the meaning of "centerpiece," and decided it may in fact not exactly mean "favorite" as much as "pivotal." Anyway, I expected her response to be perhaps the autographed Old Judge Wright we got this summer. Or one of her Asian players, or one of her smile cards. But she went directly to this card and the reason is: because. I admired Lucy's certainty and lack of hesitation.

Then I posed the question to our seventh grader while in the midst of baking Christmas cookies. She offered her response while packing the cookies in little gift bags she made:

While wafts of baking aromas made us mellow, she said the centerpiece of her collection is a Japanese Pokemon card: that is kept in a place of honor in her room, near her manga collection. "It was the first Japanese card I got, and it had several holographics and I treasure it in like three storage cases."

Secure as the Mona Lisa. Treasured by being protected in storage cases.

I still pondered what might be my centerpiece but didn't come up with an answer in the realm of cards. I realized if push came to shove in regard to the lunchboxes, the Beatles would probably edge out The Jetsons. Card collection, though, had to be mulled for a while longer.

Appreciating your collection's history, and caring for it, kind of makes you a curator.

Mull mull.

After school let out early today because of the weather, Lucy and I enjoyed playing outside with the dogs, gigantic fans of snow.

That allowed more time for contemplation. But after reading many of the poignant and personal-history-telling posts in the latest Blog Bat Around, I realized there just doesn't yet seem to be a card collection centerpiece for me.

But that's all right. Since the answer lies somewhere in the future,

it can be all about the chase.


Motherscratcher said...

Great post. I think that there has never been a better reason given for anything than "because".

By the way, what's in those cookies that makes everyone so mellow?

dinged corners said...

Secret ingredient. :)