Ernie snow banks. And a request.

Just surfacing long enough to say hello. Hello! We'll post on Christmas Day after we open whatever presents may possibly involve baseball cards, and we hope everyone else does the same. Oh hmm, gosh we're confident as to at least one present that Santa might bring.

And in a related development, here's an early Christmas gift we received. Isn't this a great card back? From a 1993 Nabisco, and the logo is not MLB but 'Major League Baseball Players Alumni.' The blue Sharpie autograph on the front isn't bad either. These cards came in boxes of Nabisco products...up there you can see that Ernie's a Ritz man.

We hope all bbc-related gifts have already been delivered to this particular house because here is current local weather:

Brrrr. That's a view out the back door. Actually, that was earlier today. Right now, the wind is blowing the snow sideways, and visibility is poor. But we have a question.

We wonder right now...what is the Christmas Eve eve or Hannukah view out your back door or window?

Would you be willing to include a shot of what you see--and what your Dec. 23rd, 24th or 25th weather is--with your next post? Or, if you don't have a blog or site, might you email us at nmboxer at yahoo dot com and we will post your view along with the name we know you by?

We want to see the view from everyone's house, whether you send the view to us for posting, or you post it yourself. We hope you, and if applicable your poor non baseball card spouse, and your kids, enjoy their baking, cooking, decorating, gift wrapping time right now--no matter which holiday you may celebrate. If you do have kids, or if you were once a kid, you know there is unique anticipation in the air...oh wait. Maybe it's a little like opening a box, or a pack, of baseball cards? Except times eleventy-two.


Gellman said...

That is a really nice auto, its amazing that Ernie doesnt like keebler. Isnt one of the elves named Ernie?

mmosley said...


My Papa would always use the number "thirty-leven-dozen" to mean a lot!

Scott said...

Sweet card. Ernie Banks is the man!

night owl said...

I'm not sure if I'll be able to get you a photo in time, but if I don't let's just say we have two feet of snow on the ground. And I ain't lying.

DC said...

greg, no hurry...if people send links or photos, we'll put them up! nary a deadline.

GCA said...

I live in a back-to-back townhouse. There is no back door or window. :) I can give you a third floor front view!

DC said...

adam--whoa. you're right, the boss of the community of elfin creatures who live in the hollow of a tree and bake cookies is, in fact, ernie. there's no getting around it; this should be a keebler card.

capewood said...

I'll bite. Watch your email. I'm wearing a tee shirt from my favorite Christmas movie.