Favorite books of the Baseball Card Blog People.

The revealing and often riveting responses to our New Year's questions have been a source of great fun up here in the absolutely frozen solid high desert. We appreciate your insights; Lucy has read every single response--in many cases more than once--and has beseeched us to save all pictures of dogs. We are working on that. We haven't one hundred percent figured out the connection between canines and baseball yet but there is no stretch in this pairing for Lucy.

We also want to thank you because we have now identified plenty of ideas for future posts. If you write a blog you know the importance of material. :)

Here is the reading list that emerged from the comments and related posts:

Great American Baseball Card Flipping, Trading and Bubble Gum Book (Card Junkie and Dinged Corners)

Late Innings (or any books by Roger Angell, such as Five Seasons, Game Time, and Season Ticket) (night owl)

Bill James Revised Historical Baseball Abstract (goose joak)

The Natural (paulsrandomstuff)

Ball Four (William Noetling--contributor, Sports Card Uncensored)

The Man Who Invented Baseball (baseballdad)

Yogi (Boxbusters)

Voices from the Negro Leagues (Padrographs)

The Phillies Encyclopedia (Greg, Phillies fan)

A False Spring (Commish, fan of Orioles)

Literary Anthology of Baseball (timrooks, fan of Dbacks)

Big Book of Baseball Lineups (jacobmrley, fan of [edit] METS) <---FIXED, with profuse apologies

Shoeless Joe (needmoremorneau)

Ball Four (Laurens, fan of Angels)

Boys of Summer--first half (Ryan Cracknell)

The New Bill James Historical Abstract, Moneyball, and Is This a Great Game or What? (Stats on the Back)

Summer of '49 (Capewood's Collections)

The National League; The American League (writersjourney)

One Strike Away (cardboard addiction)

Shoeless Joe (The Hamiltonian)

Baseball Hall of Shame (WhiteSoxCards)

Summer of '49 (Saints of the Cheap Seats)

Moneyball (Sports Cards Uncensored)

Grand Old Game: 365 Days of Baseball (kimaloo)

Ken Burns' Baseball (fanofreds)

Smithsonian Baseball (freeandylaroche)

Stephen King and Stewart O'Nam's Faithful (greenmonster1138)

The Bad Guys Won (steveisjewish)

We're surprised that there are so few repeats. We have the first round on order from our library. Thank you, peeps, for providing reading suggestions for between now and spring training. Now on to rounding up the dog pictures for Lucy!


night owl said...

Well, there was Schottzie, as all Reds fans know.

I posted more detailed questionnaire answers on my blog (along with a dog photo, too!)

White Sox Cards said...

If you want a photo of my dog too, let me know via e-mail and I'll put it in a post.

Scott said...

Hey, didn't notice it on the list, but if you're a collector, you gotta read "The Card." Very quick and interesting read.

dinged corners said...

I have read The Card and highly recommend it as well.

capewood said...

Great list of books. Although its not so cold here in Houston, there's still no baseball. I'll be looking for some of these at my local library.

jacobmrley said...

"Big Book of Baseball Lineups (jacobmrley, fan of Cubs)"

I am a glutton for punishment, but i am a mets fan thru and thru. isn't that suffering enough? 100 years is too much to take...please fix this if you get a chance...

dinged corners said...

jacobmrley, the edit has been made! As Mets fans, we don't know what came over us. There are no words.

tastelikedirt said...

I just finished reading "October Men" by Roger Kahn. I'm not a Yankees fan or anything and this was a very interesting book. Lots of history. Then detailed about the '77/'78 Yankees and thier disfunctionabilty.

jacobmrley said...

a thousand fine thank yous and a very merry new year!