Field of debts.

Warning: rare Dinged Corners rant follows. :( But it's my team. My city. Be forgiving.

The idea that the New York baseball teams would blithely pick up players and pay them tens of millions of dollars while at the same time being associated in any way, shape, or form with seeking financial help from the city for their brand new shiny stadiums (or in the case of "CitiField," to keep the wretched Citi moniker) is beyond appalling.

Struggling Citibank ... sealed a multi-billion-dollar emergency "backstop"
deal with the U.S. government. The financial behemoth, suffering with billions
in bad mortgage-related assets on its books, recently shed 53,000 workers and
saw its stock price lose over half its value. Yet it's in a 20-year contract to
pay the New York Mets $400 million to name the team's new stadium 'Citi Field.' ABC News.

I'm a lifelong Mets fan and grew up in New York City. Did you know that New York is one of the states that, thanks to the economic meltdown, may not be able to pay unemployment benefits soon? Yes, that is correct: New York residents who have lost their jobs face a state economy where they soon may not be able to receive unemployment checks.

But this Yankees and Mets nonsense proceeds apace. As some wags suggested recently on the WNYC radio, why not rename the thing "Taxpayer Field"? Why not call the new Yankee park "Tax-Exempt Stadium"?

Our personal favorite moniker for Citi Field is "Team That Chokes In Post Season But Spends Money On Meaningless Structures As A Folly Of Their Top Executives Who Don't Know Squat or Care About Baseball But Do Know How To Overcharge For Seats and Food Park." To clarify, we love da Mets, the game, many of the players. It's the corporate capriciousness we've lost patience with.

You know, as this economy unfolds, baseball may be on the verge of becoming a broken bat...a swing followed by busted bits.

In relatedness, here you can evaluate and rank "baseball ethics" scenarios. Yee hah.


night owl said...

There are a lot of fat cats out there that will have to answer someday, in some way, somewhere.

dayf said...

Right now everyone needs to rant a little. Watching the news lately is like watching a trainwreck. From inside the train.


Sorry, careened off topic a bit. I agree, some of the arrogance in the financial sector is stunning right now. Keep on ranting, if you can't criticize your own team (although your stadium name seemed a tad harsh)(and this is from a Braves fan) then you're not really a true believer.

dayf said...

Sorry about the Bettie Page thing. I literally saw the news story while typing my comment and wigged out a little.

DC said...

I meant to be harsh about the executives rather than the team.

It's getting more difficult to separate the terms "financial sector" and "baseball."

dayf said...

"It's getting more difficult to separate the terms "financial sector" and "baseball."

True dat. I'm starting to hope the Yankees go ahead and buy up all the free agents this year like they are threatening to. I don't like the Braves getting in a bidding war with them.

freeandylaroche said...

As if the city government gleefully handing out tax incentives to multibillionaire team owners wasn't enough, Citibank, they of the $20 billion bailout, saw fit to raise interest rates on a fifth of their customers.

For me, they doubled my rates. Given the amount of money I've personally donated to Citibank, I at least want some tickets to the new park. Maybe even a memorial plaque on a condiment dispenser or something.

Dave - Fielder's Choice said...

I couldn't agree more. It's appalling that the Yankees are asking New York for more money when they're paying C.C. Sabathia what they are.