The greatest cards in history.

Do you ever feel that way when you come across a great one? For instance, this Topps card of Greg Harris is one of the best cards ever produced because it portrays the Gulliver of baseball players visiting a field in Lilliput:

Donruss had wonderful cards in the 80s, and how can you not be thankful for Razor Shines?:

Also, he appears to be visiting the same ballfield as Mr. Harris above.

Then in the Topps of Bobby Ramos, we come upon a unibrow, a great cap, and an excellent smile. A three-fer!:

And then Mr. Sosa appears in a Fleer with some rockin' short sleeves:

He poses before the three ominous squares in the backfield wall fearlessly--but neither is he rushing out to buy green bananas. And what about that logo?

Thank you, Rob.

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Joey said...

Great observations! If one were so inclined they could have some fun photoshopping in some little people trying to climb up the leg of the Gian Harris.