We are a little bit dizzy after days of The Nutcracker Suite aaaaaugh nutcrackers are scary

in one form or another. Lucy did a great job in her role as one of the soldiers in her school production. During the professional ballet production viewed today, some of us were having strange visions of the Sugar Plum Baseball Playery in tutu and tights, so it's quite a good thing we can now move on to other Christmas traditions. It is just me, or is a ballet about a giant live nutcracker, some rodents, and a flying slipper a tee-ninesy troubling?

In response to the choices made for upcoming post subjects, the Dinged Corners Research Staff is hard at work. (Thank you for voting!) The results:

AAGPBL (All-American Girls Professional Baseball League) edged the Astros by a margin of 51 to 49 percent.

The Baseball Card Flipping, Trading and Bubble Gum Book trounced Jim Bouton and Ball Four 65 to 34 percent.

And Roy Campanella beat Casey Stengel by 63 to 36 percent.

We are ON it, peeps.

And finally, we have a question. Do you save the actual boxes that you bust and break? Not referring to the cards, but the boxes.

We are all focused on other things, but will the boxes matter someday? Ephemera-wise. Such as this Topps Chrome hobby box picturing our little Barry Zito back when everyone was still impressed with his pitching.

Well, off to bed. We hope visions of Giant Nutcrackers will NOT dance in our heads.


AlbuqwirkE said...

I do keep all of my boxes. Boxes are way kool!

I may use the odd wrapper from a box break in an art project here and there, but for the most part, those are also saved.

I do not save the shrink wrap.

gcrl said...

i have some wrappers - depending on who was featured on the wrapper - and some boxes (flattened). i don't know why.

Slette said...

I picked up a tin of Sweet Spot at Target and had to keep it, thanks to Jeter being on it. But if I decided to keep every box that featured Jeter, I'd have a closet full of Upper Deck empties. I'm not quite that dedicated, I guess.

Now put Pettitte on the cover, yeah, I'm saving the box, wrappers, and all things related.

jacobmrley said...

if the cards fit in the box, the box stays.

if i like the graphics on the box, i cut little 3.5 x2.5 parts of it and make cards out of the box. ginter and hertige make great homemade cards. yes, i am a dork.

night owl said...

I never collected anything but the cards until I read that people collected the wrappers. And then I saw the wrappers showing up in price guides. So I saved a wrapper from each brand that I bought, but they just end up in a cardboard box. I don't know why I keep them.

I also saved a blaster box of A&G this year, partly because I figured if people collect wrappers, then someone must find value in the box, but mostly because A&G is fantastic.

PTBNL said...

I keep the boxes and store penny sleeves and toploaders in them.

GCA said...

I kept a bunch of the wrappers from '79 thru '80-couple back in the day. Now I just keep one from the different boxes I buy, mostly to put in the front clear plastic pocket of the binder that the cards end up in. I keep most of the boxes I buy just for emergency storage, especially if they're the tray type like Heritage, or I cut out the biggest panel and put it in the binder cover too. I still have several blasters from this year's Upper Deck, but I don't know why.

PunkRockPaint said...

I still have all of the box bottoms and side panels with cards on them from the '80s and early '90s. I have kept all of my '08 A&G blaster boxes for some reason.

I cut up the lone hobby box of A&G I bought. I slipped the pieces into the clear sleeves of the white, 2" D-ring binder that houses my set. It looks darn pretty.

Lonestarr the Christmas Fail said...

I still have my 2006 Upper Deck Special F/X box from early this year. My special F/X base cards are still in it, because I have delusions of grandeur that I might one day complete an obscure, 1000+ card base set, that came no more than 2 base cards per pack (25-30 per 16 pack box). Go big or go home right?

Got a few random wrappers laying around too, for no apparent reason. I think my first UD Heroes blaster is still here, but not the three recent 1/2 price ones... odd.

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