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We would like for you to choose subjects from A-Z for some of our future posts. We'll start here with A-C; once those are written, we'll move on to D-F. And so on. We don't know how long this will take--maybe all of 2009--since they'll be interspersed with other posts, but we'd like to try this and see if readers like it.

We'll provide two choices for each letter. Select one, and we'll provide follow-ups, provide related card photos, and so forth. Warning: depending on certain votes, we may seek guest posts. :)

The apron vote is not one of the choices, and we know that only a few of you wear aprons, but we liked this poster.

A Would you rather see a story about the AAGPBL:


an overview of Houston Astros baseball cards

and tidbits about the Astrodome and related cards?

Image from the mindblowingly great fleer stick project, which we only just discovered. Yes! We're slow as molasses.

B Would you rather see a post about Jim Bouton cards, pitcher and author of perhaps the best baseball memoir ever, Ball Four:

OR a reflection on our own personal favorite baseball card book, which you can call a memoir of baseball cards, the Baseball Card Flipping Trading and Bubble Gum Book:

C Would you rather see a card history of Roy Campanella, the excellent catcher who was paralyzed in a car accident in 1958 (here is a poignant photo of his own son showing him some baseball cards):

OR Casey Stengel cards,

often amusing and displaying visual attitude?

To recap:

a -- AAGPBL or Astros?

b-- Bouton/Ball Four or Baseball Card Flipping Book?

c -- Campanella or Casey?

Vote for ONE in each category.

Please vote in the polls on the upper right.

THANK YOU, PEEPS! Please vote!


night owl said...

Wow, those are tough choices. All three!

Full disclosure: I do have an apron. (but I believe I've worn it only twice. And it's a very manly black)

dayf said...



Gah... Baseball Card Flipping Book
Casey - no. um... yes. Casey.

Chris Harris said...

A-B-C: Always Be Closing

A: Astros
B: Bouton
C: Casey

Billy Suter said...


Rob- AKA "Guido" said...

I LOVE this idea.


I hope my votes win