A smile card that doesn't make the grade.

Is there anything pleasing about this 2008 Upper Deck card?

It has two elements that at least Lucy would normally like: the smile and the name (Mr. Holliday's name is second only to Darryl Strawberry). Maybe it's the strange largeness of the noggin in this shot, or the hat askew on that major melon, but something is not quite right. Are we wrong? Maybe it's just that we like a bit of actual baseball in a baseball card.

Hold up. Wait a minute. Sometimes, it's a hard-knock life being so inconsistent. The same basic thing is happening here but the shot is not so irksome. Perhaps it is because Mr. Rollins is about to burst into song.


thehamiltonian said...

I think its the extreme upward angle that makes this card look weird. It seems to be a somewhat popular look for baseball cards, but I must admit - I just don't get it. There's nothing appealing about being able to see up someone's nose.

night owl said...

I'm not a fan of "trophy-holding" photos. They remind me of what we call "grip-and-grin" photos in the newspaper business.

That's when, to recognize some donation, etc., a whole bunch of people assemble, collectively holding onto some oversized check, and smile politely for the photographer. The people donating the people receiving the donation love the idea of these photos. The greater public (and the photographer, I might add) couldn't be more bored.