In the realm of threes, we recently purchased three retail packs of cards just for the heck of it, even though we knew there would be no relics or autos or anything much in there. We did this for the good of bloggery. We did it for you.

Then & Now is a neat feature; we are not big followers of Mr. Rodriguez, yet this manages to be a pretty card. But we're not sure of the comparisons made on Then & Now. What do you think of this one?

Is it just us, or is the foil print on Stadium Club often not that sharp looking? And what is this First Day of Issue all about? For stamp collectors, it is good.

For some reason, this doesn't grab us. If it depicted a favorite player maybe we'd feel differently.

As for the Timeline, looking at the three packs made us interested, maybe even in a blaster, by comparison to our reaction to the High Numbers and Stadium Club.

Now, Cardboard Junkie has an excellent post on UD Timeline in which he compares retail and hobby results.

The floaty-head feature is definitely troubling.
We must have gotten dayf's pack by accident. (We also got Smoltzed.) The pictures on the back of these cards are good--for one thing, they are different than the picture on the front--but the photo does beg the question: why is that guy on the right wrapped in a lime-green blanket? Night Owl has a cool post on the Background People.

Then, one more Three Theme: the tall, cool glass of water that is the experience of A Stack of Cards From Eric S. Here are three favorite Erickian moments.

1-Look at these A & G minis!

2-How did he know that this card would be fitting for us? Is it just because we're New Yorky?:

My dad worked all his post-war life for the NYC subways, and this is a great historical photo.

3-Then came....elusive (to us) PLUTO!! Finally.

We had not been able to obtain this card even though it was high on our list of all-time Ginterwanties and Eric sent us PLUTO!!! We are in an astronomical mood because we keep glimpsing a spectacular view of the rare moon-Venus-Jupiter alignment that's going on right now in the clear night sky. If you haven't looked upon this, we will forgive you if you go outside RIGHT NOW and do so.

THANK YOU, ERIC! We don't deserve you.


dayf said...

Heritage - Early Wynn was a mean nasty so and so, while A-Rod is a big squishy creampuff so it is a strange match.

Stadium Club - The first day issue was a rare parallel back in the early days of Statium Club, so Topps brought it back as a one per pack parallel. The shiny holo foil is the same though.

Timeline - I've got Smoltzie and Chipper already so that wasn't my pack you got. I've gotten FOUR David Wrights though so one will be headed your way eventually.

Eric's stuff - I saw the big smiley face in the sky last night, it was pretty cool. It's been raining all day today though so no stars for us. I thought you already had Pluto? I would have sent you one in the last package. I must have read your want list wrong.

night owl said...

Congratulations on Pluto! A&G is so much fun.

DC said...

dayf, we TRADED for 233 but haven't received it from the person with whom we traded yet, so this was a surprise. but we had already crossed it out on our want list just to add to the confusion.

is a-rod actually a big squishy creampuff or are you funnin' us?

capewood said...

Check out http://antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov/apod/archivepix.html for a couple of fabulous photos of the moon-Venus-Jupiter thing.

Slette said...

Glad you could liked the stuff! Honestly, Pluto was a throw-in that I had no use for and was hoping you could find something to do with. Worked out well!

I got your package yesterday, and I've been spending this early morning going through it - the Pettittes are already sorted into their respective binder pages. Thanks a ton for everything! I'm slowly marching towards completing that Retrospectrum set of Jeter!