Walkin' in a winter cardsterland.

A nifty snow peek from Rod at Padrographs:
Christmas Eve at Paul's Random Stuff:

"...a shot from my back window. We’re supposed to have a wet Christmas this year, but that definitely beats being burried under a ton of snow."

And from Cardboard Addiction:

'This is West Bridgewater, Massachusetts. We got a foot of snow Friday and 4 inches Saturday. Don't worry that isn't a dog in the snow, just a black wood sillouhette, and no dog lives in that snow covered dog house in the back. My Basset Hound Dudley and Mini Dachsund Brandy are resting comfortably on the couch.' If possible, Lucy would like to see "a photo of Dudley and Brandy...I bet your dogs will be really cute. Thank you!"

Here is the verdant Christmas scene at Capewood Corners (further evidence that Cliff is a gardener):

Cliff says, 'The inch of snow we got a week or so ago is long gone. Today it's about 70 degrees and cloudy with some showers expected. The same for Christmas day. I'm standing just behind where I had a 2 foot wide tree before Hurricane Ike. The storm brought down about half the upper portion of the tree but managed to not do any damage on the way down.'

And Boxbusters looks snow-free too:

Ross says, 'This is a shot of my backyard from my patio. There is a birdbath in the photo and just past that on the right is my fire pit. The weather here today is so so. The temperature is about 35 and it is currently partly cloudy. It rained yesterday which turned in to sleet last night but today it warmed up some so no ice. I will post more pictures from other stops as the holiday continues. Merry Christmas!'

For a picture of the Boxbusters Christmas Tree, click here. Also check out Ross' Christmas Contest.

The photo of the David Wright baseball, which appears to have some stitching issues, is from fansedge.com.


Cardboard Addiction said...

I just posted mine and would gladly trade with either one. Merry Christmas!

DC said...

CA, We enjoyed seeing the UD Timeline. Merry Christmas!

Cardboard Addiction said...

Ask and ye shall receive, check my blog. Merry Christmas!

tastelikedirt said...

I put up a few photos from Christmas day. The view from out doorway. (We don't have a backdoor).

tastelikedirt said...

Oh yeah, I put up a photo of our dog Luna. I think Lucy likes to see peoples pets. We also have a big orange cat named "Krishna", I just call it orange cat thought, I would put up a photo of him but he hasn't been around all day. He weighs about 10 pounds. HUGE.