In every single game, and on most cards, David Wright appears concerned, if not worried.
Why is this? Here's a crazy thought: could it be because he actually cares about his team winning? His UD Timeline insert card exhibits facets of the hypothesis: the "is it out?" expression; the earnest dirty uniform; and a floaty worried face. Can it get more Wrighteous than this card? DW is willing to be culpably involved in every moment of the game. That is our idea of a true, classic Met.


dayf said...

Maybe he's worried about the cops finding out about those Gold Gloves he stole from Chipper ;)

What is that foil stamp up on the left corner of that Timelines card? I've never seen one with that on it.

dinged corners said...

It's an embossed stamp that says Upper Deck 20th Anniversary, 1988-2008. Now that you mention it, I don't see it on any of our other Timelines cards.

Scott said...

Very good point, he does care about his team winning. One of the consumate players and teammates in the game today.