Andrew Miller wants to know...

...why he was left in the glove compartment for two months. I found him while I wondered why Lucy's guitar lesson was taking so long. The Other Parental Unit stayed with her as the strings plunked and plunked. I finished my Beatles book and out of Xtreme boredom, opened the glove compartment. What did I find but Andrew, waiting in a pack of 2008 Topps placed there and then forsaken. First, Andrew waits in the glove compartment. Then, he waits outside Mr. Hill's guitar studio. We'll tell you this. Once found, he didn't seem all that happy, and he could use a shave.

Here's what else was in the pack:

338 Matt Diaz
404 Cecil Cooper
409 Jason Giambi
423 Mike Scoscia
461 Jacoby Ellsbury
474 Yuniesky Betancourt
505 B.J. Upton
626 Mike Redmond
ubiquitous David Wright Topps of the Class smiley card
531 Hiroki Kuroda
591 Rico Washington
652 Rod Barajas

Would you have forgotten about this pack?


Scott C. said...

Normally I'd say that's pretty forgettable, except for that one numbered 461. Its the only Series 2 card I'm missing. Those packs that get you the last card to complete a set are always great.

dinged corners said...

Hi Scott - Email us your address we'd be happy to send you #461.

tastelikedirt said...

What Beatles book did you finish?

Is Lucy learning any Beatles songs?

dinged corners said...

tld--Meet the Beatles, which isn't a hagiography but doesn't bash them either. good on WHY the moptops had a transformative effect on culture and music. lucy sings beatles songs (specialty: Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds) and is just starting to learn some useful Beatles chords.