Antique road show.

An auction to sell that rare 1869 baseball card pulled out of a box is now online at Memory Lane Inc., ending February 10. The antique shop owner who found the card, Bernice Gallego, 72, appeared last night on Jay Leno.

The auction started at $10, the original starting price when she listed the card on eBay last summer. When last we checked, there had been 40 bids, and the selling price was at $17,573.

This is the card's condition, as described on the site: 'The card is centered nicely with upper right and lower right creases. Pin hole in the top middle, with normal brown toning across the card. A small white paper loss mark on the front middle players arm. The red writing is clear as well as the players on the front, which is very Rare as the other examples known to exist are slightly fuzzy. The back of the card has the same normal brown toning with no other issues.'

It's said to be the 'one of the first baseball cards ever produced,' but it's actually a Peck and Snyder advertisement, so we're not sure about all that. The image is of the Cincinnati Red Stockings, led by Hall of Famers Harry and George Wright. On the Leno show, Gallego estimated that the card may sell for one million dollars.

Gallego's next TV appearance will be Thursday, when she will be on the Bonnie Hunt Show, a syndicated daytime talk show.

One hundred replica cards have been printed by Memory Lane Inc. through a partnership with Gallego and Rick Mirigian, a promoter who told Gallego what she had and who has coordinated her appearances for a cut of the sale. The replica cards are commemorated with the names of Gallego, Mirigian and Memory Lane printed on them:

and are being sold on eBay for $99.99 plus $6.00 shipping in Buy It Now auctions.

What do you think the card will go for? Will any of the replicas be sold? They printed 100 and the eBay auction currently says, "More than ten available." Perhaps this means, "100 still available."

$99 for a replica? We would rather take that Paypal money and search for, oh we dunno, maybe hobby boxes of UD Documentary or X.


dayf said...

The whole point of reprint cards is to provide a lower quality affordable alternative to some prohibitively expensive originals. 99 bucks plus shipping and handling is not affordable in my book. I can buy a real high quality nineteenth century non-sports card or a very nice T206 for that price. It's not often you get on Leno though, so may as well cash in.

--David said...

I agree. Spend the 99 bucks on something much more worthwhile. The issue I have with reprints is that you can always reprint more reprints....