Back to our regularly scheduled program.

Sorry about the delay. So here's the 'It' that's referred to in the "Is it anything?" post below:

Amazing how Mr. Uggla is shielding his eyes from the flash with his glove! As you can see, especially on the lower left the jersey has inched up quite a bit at the bottom of the X. Or maybe it hasn't inched up so much as it never fit in the first place.

The squinchy, wrinkly swatch leads us to ask card recipient Greg P., "would you like to see UDXM-DU dismantled?" or "would you like us to send you UDXM-DU?". The badly placed jersey bit does not, by the way, have any effect on the aggressively cheery proclamation on back of the card:

Decision, please, internet!


MDA said...

Hmmm. I'll offer to take the Uggla card and you can send the X cards to Greg P.

A few years ago, when Dan was playing AA ball, we'd go over to watch him at Smokies Park.

I think that the patch is just art imitating life. Many times on the field you can see the players tugging their pants down when they've ridden up a bit.

DC said...

Having not posted a deadline, and having determined that the deadline is passed, and knowing that you saw Dan Uggla at a AA game, and appreciating your reasoning for why it is not the worst thing in the world that this jersey card is poorly framed, we hereby declare that the Uggla card is yours. Please email us with your address.

Greg Pipitone said...

Yeah, that's fine. I was going to ask that it bee destroyed anyway.

dinged corners said...

Greg P., if you don't mind, please email us with what you collect (team, player, set) & include your po box or address. Don't worry we won't send much in the way of UD X--unless of course you want them.