Baseball cards and the world.

Now that we've seen the leading edge of change in our cardboard world with the NBA license going to Panini, and nothing written in stone that Topps and Upper Deck will keep their MLB licenses, or in the long term even survive the we ain't-seen-nothin'-yet economic downturn, maybe we should start thinking differently. So we're not blindsided. The future could happen any minute now.

We peeked over one part of the Panini comic website and saw a poll concerning whether their readers would be interested in digital comics. That got us thinking. Let's say that soon you could buy a little printer (like the small printers that actually just print photographs) that would allow you to produce, front and back, baseball cards. Onto heavy stock, nice 2.5" x 3.5" cards. When you printed out your digital-card purchase receipt, you might randomly receive a redemption for an autograph or game-used card. So not only the cards but also The Chase would become digital. (Redemption programs would have to receive a quality upgrade and guarantee to get everyone to accept this.) Think how this would reduce waste, eliminate pack searching, and all that.

So here's our global-ecological-technological-vaguely-aware questionnaire based on the odd little Panini poll. Please take it.


thehamiltonian said...

I'd be OK with it, but I think a large portion of the card market is much less digital friendly than those of us that are almost constantly plugged in.

Printing a card out yourself would be cool though.

capewood said...

Why not just download images of baseball players from ESPN or Yahoo Sports?

I would not buy digital baseball cards if cards were still available in analog (?).

There have been millions of cards produced already. I'd just chase them.

Joey said...

Its an interesting scenario. I like your version much better than just keeping a web profile of your digital cards.

If it were to happen I would like to see some flexibility in them. Example, I am going to print a card of Ivan Rodriguez but I can choosed from different backgrounds, player images, layouts, card backs and maybe even add some of my own text.

I would be interested in that. It wouldn't replace pack ripping but I think it could be an enjoyable addition to my collection.

dc said...

Joey, this would make for an entirely different collector's goal--unique cards rather than obtaining something that's already out there. We like it a lot.