Infinity card: a question.

We are back from our trip to Colorado, and during the long drive we began thinking about a couple of questions--and yes, this morning we tried searching this first question but must not be using the right terms--what is the term in art (or baseball card graphics) that describes an image repeating itself within the main depiction? Not color repetition, a technique in painting, but image repetition.

Theoretically, Mike Perez is holding that card of himself an endless number of times, so Dinged Corners has in the past called this an infinity card, but there must be a specific term.

Our second question is: have there been other cards that have this effect? If you have scans, might you be willing to email them to us? We think it would be neat to post these in one place.

Don't think we mention this enough, but we really appreciate the generous comments and knowledgable insights you have all been lending to this blog in comments and emails.


tcp said...

There are two terms that apply here.

The first term is recursion, a mathematics term where the function being defined is applied within its own definition.

In art, this specific instance is known as the Droste Effect, a way of explaining visual recursion when a picture contains in itself the picture, such as the Baseball player holding his own baseball card.

It is a cool card btw.

Jeffrey Wolfe said...

There is a term for this but I forget what it's called but it is used in art quite a bit. Upper Deck did the same thing in '89 with the Gary Pettis card but it shows him holding his card with the back showing so it's not an endless loop. Also the '82 Fleer Pete Falcone shows him busting some packs of '81 Fleer in the Mets clubhouse, quite a cool card. But this Perez card is a paradox. He can't be holding a card where the photo hasn't been taken yet. They simply matted in the image of the card afterwards.

night owl said...

I have no idea what the terms are. (tcp sounds like he knows what he's talking about).

But I did feature the '82 Fleer card of Falcone in a post (http://nightowlcards.blogspot.com/2008/11/we-dont-exist.html)

I do know the term isn't called "ampto." That's merely my word verification.

Motherscratcher said...

I think infinity card is a great name for these. I didn't know that any existed until now, but I plan on looking through my collection and keeping my eyes peeled.

For some reason, when I see this effect it makes me think of Conan the Destroyer. I think it has something to do with Arnold fighting in a room full of mirrors. Does that help? No, probably not.

DC said...

Does anyone have images of the Falcone or Pettis cards?

capewood said...

Recursive it is. Remember this post from your logo designer: http://tildology.com/2008/10/06/of-recursive-crate-labels-and-rotating-headers/

The Ugly Baseball Card Blog posted a card like this back in March of 2008. That's the Pettis card refered to above. He called it a vortex card. http://uglybaseballcard.blogspot.com/2008/02/cards-thing.html

I haven't seen another example since then.

dinged corners said...

Thank you Cliff for the excellent links. There is also this from tildology-to-the-rescue:


I wasn't aware of any baseball cards like this either but when I was a child , probably late 1950's , My Mother had a bottle of floor cleaner with the same concept.On the label was a woman cleaning her floor with the same bottle of cleaner sitting nearby.That bottle had the same label and so on.I was always intrigued by that but haven't thought of it in years ! I will be searching more cards as well.