Strawberry fields forever.

Let me take you down, 'cause I'm goin' to Strawberry Fields.

Nothing is real

and there's nothing to get hung about.

Strawberry Fields forever.

Strawberry Fields forever.

Strawberry Fields forever.

Actually, in all the cards Lucy has, Mr. Strawberry is hitting rather than fielding. But we tend not to be literal-minded.

Nothing to get hung about when there's a blogger thoughtful enough to send cards out of the blue that please our daughter no end.

Even if it's shiny

or majestic.

Have you noticed how bloggers provide one another with a collecting diversity that simply wouldn't happen if we were relying on hobby or retail boxes?The variety couldn't happen! That's the modern edge.

We love getting game-used cards from our bloggers because it adds meaning to them. And of course, when we're talking GU pants,

we would probably be willing to knock someone's hat off as a distraction, grab the card, and run for the hills. We didn't have to knock Jeremiah's hat off and run, though, to get this wonderful card of David Wright. We traded with him. He also sent us a picture of his son with Santa Claus, which fit perfectly in with Lucy's enjoyment of seeing your Christmas views a while back. Good luck finding something that nice in a hobby box.

And look at this Hideo Nomo card from Trader Cracks! (He also sent the Matsui, Wang, Mussina (below) and Moyer cards):

Isn't this how GU cards should be made...a little scenery, imagination, and composition? We do not have a cardboard preoccupation just because our minds sometimes wander to baseball and baseball cards

rather than the prevailing PTA controversy or whether we should take on a particular editing job or if the driveway needs more gravel.

When Dan asked us if we were interested in this beautiful card we couldn't believe someone would give it up:

Plus, guess what, Chin-Lung Hu may play for our local team, the Albuquerque Isotopes. We're not hyped up about that. We're calm. We do not have a cardboard problem just because we had a chance to trade for a David Wright card that has embossed baseball stitching on it. We received this from Marie:

along with:

and are you sitting down? Probably, since you're at a computer:

Don't you like how there are no punches pulled in that text? WORN BY DARRYL STRAWBERRY, it says. Period. GAME worn, not worn in the locker room for six seconds. Somewhere in the fine print it also says "one of Lucy's favorites." Just kidding. But it might as well.

And as for those Strawberry Hits cards at the top of the post? We have Mark at Stats on the Back to thank. More to come.


jacobmrley said...


a picture that goes with the opening theme...

JRJ said...

I love the Topps All-Star card. I used to have that one on my wall.


I DO like the style of the Nomo Diamond Cuts. I'm going to have to research that to see if there's a Tribe card in that set !

SacBunt said...

We got about 10 Strawberry base cards by breaking two boxes of 1989 Fleer tonight; of course each one was a different color and cut a different size.