Strawberry isotope.

Here are some of Lucy's favorite Darryls we recently received from Greg A.:

The Fleer '91 DS--now that's ART!

Although the Topps Kids goes over well, too. What were those Topps Kids steroid precursor biceps all about? But Darryl didn't do that.

The majority of Darryl cards do not seem to involve him either fielding or running, so these two

are neat.

Stats on the Back also sent collected Strawberrys and there was nary a double between the stacks. Cosmic. Thus, we are starting to build an impressive array.

How fantastic is this smile card x two x Mets (don't let Darryl's uniform throw you; that was a brief oversight)? A good 'un indeed.

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Covered in Wrappers said...

I have that first 91 Fleer card, the Dream Team one, I believe it is. I used to love those insert sets as a kid. I still have many of them in my binders, they should revive one of those ideas. It would sure be reprinting the same designs and calling them SP's like the Timeline set.