Worrrrst (Baseball) Nicknames in the Worrrrrld.

One hazard of writing a family baseball card blog is that sometimes things get so silly that the Serious Train leaves the station without us. We thought we'd admit to a dinner table conversation that started being about actual nicknames in baseball history (we decided Squirrel was the best-worst) and then quickly devolved to the Worst Baseball Nicknames That Ever Could Be (distancing technique: fifty percent of us are age 13 or under):

Itchy Nostril
Strike McThreesies

and the worst baseball nickname:


If you have worse possibilities, although we doubt it, by all means let us know.


night owl said...

No need to apologize for silliness. I prefer it.

I can't come up with any good ones right now, but I'm sure if my daughter was around we could riff on them together. We come up with all kinds of giggly stuff all the time.

She's off from school tomorrow. Maybe I'll get back to you.

dayf said...

Bootsie and Swish immediately came to mind. I think Plopper or Plops might be the winner though.

RWH said...

Although my almost 3 year old isn't awake for the question, I know her answer would be Poopy Butt. It is the name given to all people and objects that annoy her.

Ben said...

Not a nickname, but how about the worst actual name for a baseball player? My vote would be for Bob Walk.

Dan said...

I thought Pronk was bad...!

night owl said...

I asked my daughter. She gave a quick one word answer:


I had to agree.

handcollated said...

I'm not sure this counts, and I know it's the wrong sport, but the New York Rangers once had a goalie Steve Buzinski, whose nickname was "The Puck Goes In-ski."

He wasn't very good.

timrooks said...

Strike McThreesies made me lol.

I don't think I can come up with a better worse baseball nickname than Plopper. It's just so evocative in so many ways.

Jake said...

Nope.... The best was a guy on my highschool team. His name was and still is Butters.

topher said...

I don't know about bad ones, but there are a couple out there that I like.

Delmon Young's Twins teammates like to call him "First Pitch."

I like to call Jason Bartlett "E6."

And whenever I see Justin Morneau take his awkward home run swing, I like to say "wingardium leviosa!"

Well, that last one isn't so much a nickname as it is a rip on Mr. 2006 AL MVP.