X-ecrable + existential anxiety = is this anything?

First of all, what does "One Memorabilia Card in EVERY box, On Average" mean? Either it's one memorabilia card in EVERY box, or it's "on average." Not both! This is linguistically disturbing!

And okay, so you were right. We had a distracted, happy experience opening one half-price box of Upper Deck X a while back and thought we had discovered niftiness. Some shiny cards, a game used stripey card, a short print of Daisuke, oh nifty day. But we should always listen to you.

We are having some link problems, but a good place to start when seeking Truth regarding this product is the post titled 'Find What's Missing' over at Stale Gum, which in turn links to dayf insights and at least some good news for JayBee.

Anyway, when the research lab staff at Dinged Corners bought another box, everything fell apart.

Even Pepper, the family's Emergency Backup Dog, who lives always in the shadow of our smarty pants camera shy Australian Shepherd, could not be coaxed to show any enthusiasm whatsoever. This is significant because he is, in addition to being The Best Fetcher on Earth, normally a very enthusiastic fellow. Until faced, profoundly enough, with a blaster of Upper Deck X. Much like in the canary in the mineshaft, we should have read his body language.

It took him a while to be coaxed into any level of interest even after Lucy placed a biscuit atop the box. Then things got worse. Thus leading to the latest episode of:


And if so, exactly what?

Whoever among you guesses correctly first may either

1) claim the card as your own, plus lots of other X cards!
2) authorize us to allow the card to be dismantled on camera in order to see what is going on in there.


Flash said...

Is it anything? Honest answer "no, it isn't." But it is perhaps a Hanley Ramirez relic card.

night owl said...

Oh, that is so not my dog. If you placed that blaster in front of him, you wouldn't get to dismantle anything on camera, because there would be nothing left to dismantle

I'm guessing a batting practice jersey swatch of Florida Marlin Jeremy Hermida. But the whole dismantling sentence has me confused, so I'm sure that's not right.

Slette said...

Did you pull a Hanley Ramirez jersey card?

PunkRockPaint said...

I said poorly framed jersey bit... then got this message:

Duplicate action error
The action associated with this page has already been performed. You may want to try going back one page in your browser and re-trying.


MDA said...

I'll go with the Dan Uggla (Marlins) UDXM-DU Game used memorabilia card?

dinged corners said...

You are all very close! To be EXACTLY correct, two of these answers, I guess we shouldn't say which two, must be combined!

DISMANTLING SENTENCE CLARIFICATION FOR NIGHT OWL: Whoever wins the card decides whether to keep it OR have our kids surgically examine it for the benefit of card science. But the "winner" will get X cards no matter what, whether or not they want to receive them, so proceed with caution.

MDA said...

Hanley Ramirex Upper Deck X Memorabilia card (UDXM-HR)

Not necessarily a relic or a jersey, but memorabilia.

But that's just splitting hairs.

Is it a hair card?

Greg Pipitone said...

It is a poorly framed Dan Uggla jersey card?

zman40 said...

Ramirez and Uggla jersey card?

tcp said...

Is it a poorly framed Hanley Ramirez Jersey Card?

mmosley said...

Game-used velcro!!!!!!

You know, when baseball players use velcro...during a game...for sticking baseball stuff to other baseball stuff...like gloves and mitts and hats, etc.

dayf said...

I was going to answer, but you threatened me with X cards...

Even the opportunity to destroy a jersey card is not worth that kind of peril.

Ok, I know I shouldn't post the verification word because it has become passe, but dogratio is too appropriate for this post.

night owl said...

A Hanley-Ramirez/Dan Uggla dual jersey card would make too much sense for our beloved card companies. So I'll go with Hanley and Hermida. (And hate myself when it's announced that it's actually Ramirez-Uggla).

(I hope I win. I want to see dismantling).

FanOfReds said...

I can tell you it's NOT a Reds jersey card...because my poor Reds get very little love from the major manufacturers...especially now that Griffey is gone.

As for a real guess: I'll go with a "piece of uniform" worn by Ramirez. No claim as to whether that uniform is a jersey or a jock strap.

dinged corners said...

We have a winner! Greg Pipitone identified Is It Anything as a poorly framed Dan Uggla jersey card, which to say the least it is, so he wins the card itself and Xtra cardiness. But because MDA earlier awesomely said "UDXM-DU," which is the exact card, he shall also be made regretful by X cards.

Now Greg P., do you want the card or would you prefer to dismantling of said card? We will soon post a full picture of Dan UDXM-DU so that you can make a fully informed decision. Thank you *all* for bravely participating!