The X files.

If you search for information about 2008 Upper Deck X, you'll find that the invective heaped on this product is impressive. The die-cuts aren't properly done. It's for 9-year-olds. It's derivative. It is called X. There's no imagination. It's this or that old product with a new label slapped on. We picked the blaster up half off at Kmart, expecting something terrible to happen when we opened the box; perhaps evil sprites would fly out and bite us or carry away our binders. The worst was that Hideki Matsui looked up astonishedly at his own effort, and Lance Berkman resembled Gov. Odd Blagojevich. Just remove the helmet and replace with the hair:
See? Also, some of the players seemed a little squished:
But it's not easy to run on a blue carpet, ok? We actually kind of liked the die-cut (FULL DISCLOSURE: some of us aren't EVEN 9 yet). Yes, we wondered about the whole x business, but not that much. Perhaps because we are XX and most of the outraged are XY. They were probably using X as a placeholder name and when it accidentally went to press the executives said, aw let it go. Whatevah. Let's go carve up some multi-colored bits and big hunks o' bat and get extremely, extremely wealthy athletes to charge inordinately just for signing the cards, then we can get $300 per box and people will like that whole experience!

Variety, shininess, and cheapitude was all we got.
We survived.

But wait! Baseball cards aren't meant for kids anymore. What a confusing world.


timrooks said...

Sure, a lot has changed since I learned it in school, but I'm still pretty sure that it's the girls that are XX and the boys that are XY.

Also, save that Upton card for me if you don't have a use for it. :-) And send me your full Zito havelist (if you have such a thing), so I can find stuff not on it.

Dinged Corners said...

Hi Tim,

I looked at the post and changed it this morning to make it scientifically correct.

I have got to stop posting late at night!

Some things have changed since we went to school but not that. Noted on the Upton, we are sorting a lot of the cards into blog people piles.


dayf said...

To be fair, some of the awful sets from '08 become almost decent once the price point is cut in half. I'd have no problem paying 10 bucks for a blaster of X just for the jersey and the shineys.

Covered in Wrappers said...

You don't happen to have a Pujols XPonential 2 laying around? I am only missing that one... =(