Zitogeist aka Cardboard Logic.

Why do we enjoy Zitogeist? It's partly that in some odd way, we just like certain pictures on cardboard. We don't claim standard logic in regard to this interest, only cardboard logic.

How are some reasons: His name starts with Z. He looks like a surfer dude and not a baseball player. He has a reputation for being super nice. He gives money for wounded troop care.

Are those not good enough reasons? Maybe I should just declare, like Lucy, my liking for his cards: "because."

To the sensible people who remind us that Barry Z is a $126 million man and not pitching well anymore--there are several people in that club, and some of the players who were signed this year for large bucks will also be disappointments, you can take that to the bank. We care, but it doesn't affect our delight in the baseball cards.

As for who BZ is seeing right now--it's not relevant to how he looks on a baseball card. BTW, she's named after a hotel in France. BZ and PH can date whomever. It's not relevant to the cardboard.

This photo is from Zito's website. It's more relevant.

He may revive his pitching skills, you never know. We're hoping.

In the meantime, we enjoy his baseball cards for their aesthetic appeal. If you fail to see any aesthetic appeal in your Barry Zito cards, please send them to us immediately.

One of the best things about our zollection is that 99 percent comes from blog friends. We have quite a few Z cards and plan to compile a list soon. In a recent trade with BaseballDad, he sent us the four Z cards that appear in this post--we didn't have a single one.

We had other variations of the Bowman card.

And before he was a rich man, when he was with the Visalia Oaks, Z appeared on this Just Minors card. This Z pursuit may not be "bloggy street"--we have yet to find one other person in the b-sphere who collects him--but Z is central to our own cardboard logic.


tastelikedirt said...

I love the Zitoness of this post. It's Zitoriffic!

I saw Barry at spring training in 2002 and he had blue hair. I collect Zito cards. Even those terrible Giants ones.

Dave said...

Your z-ollection is a bit of a "fallen star" collection, no? Kind of like my old collection of Roberto Alomar. I thought I was the only one in the world who still wanted his cards after his saliva incident with John Hirschbeck.