2009 Topps American Heritage.

We picked up a minty fresh 125-card set of American Heritage from an eBay seller for $5, along with the "relic" card pictured down below for an additional 99 cents. We give Topps a lot of credit for this series. That three-card checklist makes for some serious reading. These are, for various reasons, some of our favorite cards:
Interesting choice of photograph.

Classy-looking dame. We can't quite grapple with the word "aviatrix."

This looks like a reenactment shot, but it's an actual photograph of the event.

Thank you, sir. He and his assistant revolutionized photojournalism with coverage of the battle at Antietam.
This was an enormous event that seems to get little mention anymore.
PS Apparently they all had the same tailor.

A compelling photograph of the very tough Mr. Chavez at a protest in D.C.

Daaavy, Daaavy Crockett, king of the....HEY, wait a minute!

Isn't THIS Davy Crockett? As soon as the shutter clicks, I'll bet Fess Parker shoots that eBay logo.

Major cultural touchstone...but why this off-center picture?

Here's the relic. What are the chances FDR actually was anywhere near this seat bit? But we like the image of FDR when he has apparently just tossed out a baseball at the stadium. This reminds me of a Topps card from the President Kennedy set, where he too has just thrown out the first ball and has a similar expression.

Did Mr. Woolworth really appear this starchy and puffy? Look at that sidelong glance he's giving someone.

Speaking of glances. What would this caption be?

Interesting juxtaposition of type sizes. ENTERTAINER. Athlete.

Did you know that early in 1968, the media made a big deal of the fact that RFK changed the side his hair was parted on? LBJ did the same thing. No kidding.

Industrialist! But mainly, for all posterity, Hat Guy.


Abolitionists. Suffragists. Nerves of steel.

Tecumseh as played by Clint Eastwood.

Relatively few photographs of Malcolm X seem to show him smiling, so this is a meaningful choice by the Topps Heritage photo editor.

Over and out.


dayf said...

You got the whole set for five bucks?!?

Man I'm a sucker. Of course I have a whole bunch of John McCain cards and a Jesse Ventura relic on the way. Yippee!

DC said...

dayf, just checked, it was actually $5.81. jesse ventura - as governor or wrestler? either way, pop culture gold.

Chuck's Used Cards said...

$5 for a stack of historic cards ? That's better than wikipedia !

While a few of the photo choices are dodgy, many of the first timer persons are great pictures.

Thanks for sharing.


I am going to try to put a set of 2009 heritage this year. I never put a set together, but my friend does it every year. lets see hoe it goes.