2009 Topps pack peek.

Since right now The Significant Other and 'Tween are in the midst of producing dangerous poison gases as part of a science fair project, I thought Lucy and I better get this post in quickly, you know, Just In Case. During a trip downtown today we stopped to see if anything Gray or Black or Numbered Thirteen or Heritagey or Even Remotely Interesting might be evident, but nothing was. For us to venture into Wally World is SERIOUS BIDNESS and there is always mild relief when there are no cards, as then there is no standing in line. But that euphoria passes quickly once we realize we are cardless. (There were three boys on the floor in front of the card display, moving everything around looking looking looking looking for something, in fact little sweat balls were flying off their foreheads, and finally I said, What are you looking for? And they said, "WRESTLING CARDS" in a tone of disbelief, as in, what else?)

We did stop at Kmart and since there was virtually no one there (it is possible to visualize these big box buildings in twenty years, stripped of shelves, as Beyond Thunderdome type arenas) we got three packs of, yaaaaaawwwn, 2009 Topps. Reg'lar white borders. This was our favorite card in pack one:

and we especially like the flash glare on his left eyeglass lens. Jerry Manuel looks like a pretty jolly fellow, doesn't he? Jolly is hopeful. This is a pretty great card too:

and in fact it has so much wonderfulness that ours minds have boggled.

Here are the other cards that were in the pack:

A Topps Town card of Ichiro. We may venture over there, to The Town, if we find time.

5 John Lackey The interesting statistic on the back is that his most frequent career SO victim is none other than Alex Rodriguez, at 22.

6 Collin Balester Very determined looking fellow, but we hadn't heard his name before. He has a six degrees of Mantle but it's too boring

to repeat here.

28 Mike Lowell In one of those slugger shots where he looks reeeealll impressed with his own hit.

51 Will Venable RC "The son of former Major Leaguer Max Venable, Will played Ivy League baeball and baseketball at Princeton University." He even looks smart in mid-run. That's refreshing.

87 Brad Hawpe This is one of those players we end up with many cards of. <---never EVER end a sentence with a preposition, it's a tendency up with which we will not put We probably haven't been Heltoned as much as Night Owl has, but there is a good bit of Hawpefying around here.

120 $$ Sabathia

219 Shin-Soo Choo (looks approximately 14 years old) There is a "six degrees of Mickey Mantle" bit on the text of Mr. Shin-Soo's card that isn't quite as boring as the previous one: "Shin-Soo Choo played with Guillermo Quiroz who played with Sammy Sosa who played with Nolan Ryan who played with Bob Friend who played with Mickey Mantle." Whew!

222 Mark Sweeney (who seems to be an actor posing as a baseball player

but apparently this is incorrect as the card notes on the back that Mr. Sweeney had a "Highest Career Average" against John Smoltz of .500. Don't try and tell us he has no resemblance to Dudley Doright,

because we'll have none of that. Although Mr. Sweeney's complexion looks healthier.

324 Mark Reynolds Second highest career SLG against, sniff Barry Zito, the Zeet, El Zeeteroonie, at .727. We're beginning to think the Diamondbacks uniform may be the third or fourth worst in the history of baseball.


James B. Anama said...

How is everyone in the world finding these short prints but me???

What would it take to get that Campanella card off your hands??? Something??? Anything??? Please e-mail me if you don't plan on keeping the card.


JayBee Anama

dayf said...

Every time I end a sentence with a preposition I feel bad and spend a minute thinking of ways to fix it. Finally I give up and rationalize that it's better to be wrong than to sound ridiculous. I think the minute I sacrificed thinking of every possible place in the sentence to stick the word 'of' counts as penance to the Grammar Gods.

night owl said...

I have a career in which it is required that sentences do not end with prepositions (and I insist on the same of my staff writers).

But with my blog, I enjoy the unfettered style of writing. If I end a sentence with a preposition, then bully for me. I ain't changing it (well, sometimes the more uptight newspaper part of me does convince me to change it).

And you got a Campy card, too! It may end up being my favorite card of the year.

Lonestarr said...

Topps is so much better than last year, but the first pack I opened had me pining for last year's ridonkulous design for some reason.

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