Baseball cards and more from across the ocean.

Some baseball card bloggers have in the past made mention of receiving mysterious packages from across the water via the generosity of a person named John, who runs the Pursuit of 80s(ness) site. Out of the blue, and for no good reason, we became the recipients of one of these mysterious packets o' wow. Here follows a small sample:

We've never seen a Subway baseball card before, and now we need more. This Fleer Tradition card depicts a subway to the Yankees, which we never trod upon. The Number 7 train (Flushing), why yes. Nevertheless, this is a memorable card and makes us wonder if there are others out there.

A brand new unopened pack of Official 2009 Premier League Stickers straight from England! We'll open these in a separate post, along with:

As the parent of a 'tween, I recognize this for exactly what it is: the British version of you-know-what. That's ok, for when we tear this pack open, I will employ the expert.

As for these stickers (Panini! the future of sports cards in America!) I'm not sure there is anyone in the entire family who has the heart to tear anything so riveting. We'll have to negotiate the matter.

Woo hoo! A pretty Bowman's Best autograph of Chris Baker! Shiiiiny. Great refractometry. Very much a hit.

One of the rare cards that includes Mr. Ichiro's full name.

This is dynamic, slightly scary, somewhat mechanical, spheroidically spirited, and fulla flags. Excellent.

Mr. Jianmin--another card we didn't have. In fact, we had about two out of the entire packet that John sent. The green fields sweeping away into the distance, an earnest expression. One of two default Yankees we collect.

A pack of Comic Images All Chromium Phil Rizzuto's Baseball cards. We admit that we love history cards.

A fifties Japanese baseball poster. Wonderful.

Midair moment pitched.

And Marlins championship-caliber swatchification.

Thank you, John! We are seeking sweet 80s-ness for you.


MDA said...

John is a good man. I, too, got a pack of those Phil Rizzuto cards. I held off opening them for a few weeks. I'd scan them to show them off, but as the package states: "ALL-CHROMIUM".

Very nice.

night owl said...

Yeah for John!

That subway card is great. I'm not supposed to like cards like that. But I really, really like that one.

The UD Ichiro card is a bit alarming. But maybe not as alarming as Britannia High.

But I wonder: is H.S. Musical actually the American version of Britannia High (like American Idol, Millionaire, Monkees-Beatles, etc.)?

Chris said...

John is sending us a package of Twins and O's cards as we speak. After seeing this post, I can't wait to see what is in store for us!

Bo said...

In 1998, when interleague was still new, I took the 7 to Shea Stadium to see the Yankees play the Mets. At the Shea stop, the conductor announed, "Lets go Yankees!"
The Yankees won.