The Frank Catalanotto baseball card collecting category.

Something is odd about this 2007 Frank Catalanotto baseball card from Topps; it came out in Series 1--but Mr. Catalanotto hadn't played for the Rangers since 2002, his first affiliation with the team. Perhaps this was printed in a time/space continuum that is reserved exclusively for baseball cards.

We didn't notice until it officially became the First Card Ever Returned to Lucy Through the Mail

and then we learned a little bit more about Mr. C.

Fun Frank Facts: He is from New York (Smithtown). That's a common collecting category, right? Players born in a certain place.

His nickname is Little Cat.

Don Taylor, Canadian sportscaster, reportedly sings Mr. Catalanotto's name

followed by a two-word description of what he just accomplished, to the tune of 'Shave and a Haircut.' It would go like this: "Frank Catalanotto...home run!"

So, are there any players you don't actively collect...but it makes you happy if you get one of their baseball cards?


night owl said...

There sure is!

1. Jim Thome. He seems like a nice guy.
2. Chase Utley. Just like the way he plays.
3. Josh Beckett. Super competitive and confident. But not in an obnoxious way.
4. Rick Ankiel. I love that I have cards of him both pitching and hitting.
5. Jimmy Rollins. His cards are always cool.
6. Ken Griffey Jr. This is a recent development. I was never interested in his cards when he was the "hot card" to collect.
7. Chipper Jones. The guy I admire on the team I dislike.
8. Paul Konerko. Because the Dodgers let him get away
9. Pedro Martinez. See No. 8. But also I liked that he never backed down and always seemed smarter than the hitter.
10. Josh Hamilton. That's a no-brainer.

timrooks said...

Ichiro. I love me some Ichiro.

gcrl said...

always pleased to get a griffey, berkman, or a vladdy. actually, i am now actively collecting vladdy, so he doesn't count.