Golden redemption.

We got a tremendously happy packet of mind-bogglingly generous cards from Old School Breaks recently, and it's hard to know where to start. Of course little in our world can outclass, logic be darned, a Zito jersey. Let alone a refractometric Donruss Elite goldplated Zito jersey. Please don't tell us a single thing about Mr. Z's personal life that will thwart our mystical enjoyment of his cards. We really don't want to know; we would much rather live in our isolation booth of hope.

We were also sent the first redemption card we have ever seen in person. For a minute we didn't even know what it was. But we figured it out and mailed off the little defenseless card on which we wrote our name and address in letters the size of gnats. Talk about hope. We'll see what occurs, but we kept scads of documentation on what is supposed to occur, for it involves one of our favorite players. A super nice guy. Very very very very very very very cool.

Dice-K and Johan! Words fail. Isn't this beautiful, though?

And we have never seen a shinier, more prismatic card than this Topps Co-Signers 70/100 of Mr. Ichiro and Mr. Kenji. We wish we could provide a shot or scan that conveys its true majesty. Mr. Kenji has said that linguistically it would work well if, in English, his name were George McKenzie, because that helps convey the pronunciation of his name in Japanese: Johjima Kenji.

Thank you, John, for this spectacular mail day.


zman40 said...

I, too, am a big Zito fan. That guy is a class act. When I was deployed to Iraq, I randomly wrote to to a few ballplayers to pass the time. Zito was one of the few that signed for me. And, he even attached a sticky note that said "thanks for your service". Very classy guy. Hopefully he can get his pitching straighted out.

Covered in Wrappers said...

LOL @ wrote our information the size of gnats. They really could give people more room on the redemption cards, or maybe they could wise up and just get the cards before they release the products.