If wishes were baseball cards.

In this earlier post we wished for the existence of a certain baseball card. Through digital magic, we received that very card from Greg A. and would like to share it with you here:

Other recent awe-inspiring wish fulfillment baseball card creations include, from punkrockpaint himself:

and this beauty from Indians Baseball Cards. And Then Some:

Thank you, GCA, Travis, and David!


capewood said...

You're getting a lot of mileage from this Mantle photo.

dinged corners said...

Major Mantle mileage.

--David said...

You're welcome! :-) Glad you enjoyed it, though I think I should do a 'cleaner' version so it doesn't look quite so ragged next to PunkRockPaint's... Oh, who am I kidding, that dude ROCKS the customs!

GCA said...

Yes, PunkRockPaint is the King, but mine wasn't bad for an hour or so fooling around at work!