Laser-like focus.

Bud Harrelson was such a formidable and high-energy shortstop with the 1969 Mets. Does this seem an odd choice for a magazine cover and a baseball card? Out of focus. A red blur obscuring nearly one-third of the photo.

But there are two players in the photo, and the other is Pete Rose. Look at that intense right eyebrow. The stare. The grimace. Does anyone collect cards of the somewhat-obscured-player in action shots? It seems like a promising category for those who enjoy the quirky.


gcrl said...

i enjoy the lurkers or secondary players in the background, especially when they are hall of famers or high caliber players, like this one.

Frank Hipolito said...

My company maintains the Long Island Ducks Website, and we get tickets from time to time. I got a kick out of seeing Bud coaching first base, and the runner on first was Pete Rose Jr! I kept expecting him to take him out!

MMayes said...

I don't know what the date on that issue of SI was, but seeing Rose sliding in at second, a little perturbed and Buddy Harrelson in the photo makes me wonder if this was (a) the incident where Buddy and Pete got into a fight in the LCS or (b) an incident that was a precursor and sparked the fight in the LCS.