Seeing doubles.

First, the good news. We think the 2009 Topps base set is what it should be. Well-designed, pleasing to the eye, incorporating good use of color and strong photography. The little home plate icon looks especially handsome with a Mets logo on it. How much better is this than Topps 2008 or Topps 2007?

We have yet to see a blaster at Target or anywhere, so we just bought two little ol' packs of Topps 2009. Keep in mind, we're not in a particularly good mood about the issue of collation right now.

Our camera just went on the blink so we can't even show you that we also got a double of Chris Young (Padres).

Out of two packs, six cards were doubles. Is that a bit much, coming from the same retail box?

Are we being over-sensitive? Or are the cardboard gods in fact telling us to stop collecting current baseball cards unless we enjoy this sort of thing?

There was this gold parallel, numbered 40/2009, of Guillermo Frowny Face Quiroz:

And these are nice, although is the cardstock thinner?:

Out of the two packs, we were pleased to find a Mr. Santana and a Mr. Ichiro in addition to the Johan Santana, so all is not lost:

What's not to like about the 2009 Topps design? It's kind of classic and modern at the same time. But everyone's collating machines seem to be broken.


night owl said...

Collation is an issue with 2009 Topps. But I've only noticed it on other people's blogs. So far, I've been fortunate (although I haven't purchased as much as some).

Jeffrey Wolfe said...

I believe the card stock is thinner and the backs are less glossy, more of a matte finish but I like this because they don't scratch other cards as much. I think the photography and choice of shot is MUCH better than '08. I've had much better luck with collation so far but I have had problems with quality control (varying shades of the black box at the bottom and the foil being off place). But overall I love '09 Topps compared to Upper Deck this year. It's been a fun set to collect so far and I'm dying to buy some Heritage this week.

Ben said...


I was doing well with it until I bought two jumbo packs yesterday. My collation wasn't that bad (I just had reeeeally bad luck), but your two packs remind me of something out of the 80s. And yes, six cards in two packs being doubles is a bit odd.

When I was going through my box of 88 Score, I ran into two nearly identical packs (I think maybe two of the 17 cards were different). It's frustrating.

By the way, did you get the email I sent hmmmm about a week or so ago?

paulsrandomstuff said...

That seems pretty unlucky. I haven't bought any retail this year, but I don't remember getting any doubles in the 5 hobby packs I bought.

Joey said...

You are not the first to complain about the collation so where there is smoke there is normally fire.

So far no Topps blasters around here either, just gravity tubes and jumbo packs.

mmosley said...

I had similar collation issues in my few packs. (3 Dusty Bakers and 3 Dallas Macphersons) I disagree about the design. Everybody loves it but I do not. The backs are nice but the shiny dots rub me the wrong way. I haven't seen a live Upper Deck card so I can't compare the two brands.

Oh by the way, how's the UD ire?

dinged corners said...

Ben, yes we got the email; the packet went out this AM.

UD Ire Update: not abated.