Stacks and stacks of (TTM) letters.

The good news is: the weather has unexpected gloriousity here--it was 50 degrees today, not a cloud in the sky. Baseball spring is in the air.

The bad news is, we're dealing with mail.

We got word that the one time we ever sent a card in a sleeve and toploader and painter's tape in a regular, rather than padded, envelope....terrible things happened. Unspeakable things. For instance, the toploader cracked. At least the card itself was not hurt. It's not like we blithely sent it off without a care in the world, either; it had on its hat and coat...just no mittens. It even said FRAGILE DO NOT BEND. hahaha!

The main frazzle source is preparing TTM letters with Lucy to send to spring training players. We call it the Allen & Ginter Project. I don't know how you guys keep track of everything. But we swear on a stack of Mets cards that this won't defeat us, for tomorrah is another day!

We get more hopeful that we are becoming one of the Baseball Card Blog People when one of you admits to getting behind, or confused, or forgetting if you sent something in a trade.

Because that's our M.O. And we don't mean Micah Owings. Most Baseball Card Blog people's DNA seems more like David, who sends tens of thousands of organized packets out each and every week, leaving us to wonder how ya do it.


AlbuqwirkE said...

If I send one or two cards for "ttm" autographing, I use a penny sleeve and a Card Saver I instead of a toploader. No tape is needed...

So far, nothing has been returned damaged.

If I send cards in trade, or cards that have been sold, they are shipped in bubble mailers after being packaged well enough to survive a trip to the moon and back.

dinged corners said...

And by "trip to the moon" we mean anything whatsoever mailed from the state of New Mexico. We once got a gift card two months after it had been postmarked; it had tire tracks on the envelope. We were less surprised at the tire tracks than at the fact of it being delivered at all.

tastelikedirt said...

When I send TTM auto request. I just put the card next to the return envelope and wrap the letter of request around it. That's it.
I have heard of people sending cards in card holders and the card holders get signed instead of the card!?

MMayes said...

I keep track of my TTM autograph requests with a membership on www.sportscollectors.net. It's the best site I've seen for autograph collecting. Before I did that, however, I simply used an Excel spreadsheet with columns for the players' first and last names, date sent, date received and cards sent.

I also wouldn't use toploaders, etc. when sending cards for autographs. I've heard too many stories of the player signing the toploader (or penny sleeve) instead of the card.

If it's in the 50's, by all means, put the cards aside and enjoy the outdoors air! There'll be card weather on the way soon enough.

DC said...

After school we didn't even pull all the way into the driveway before scrambling out of the van to take a long, long walk to appreciate the spring-like weather! When we got home and Lucy finished her homework, we worked on the TTM. I guess mainly it was the weekend session that did me in.