TTM update in response to questions.

We are talking tough here, as if we've accomplished a lot of through the mail work this season, when in fact we only sent out one day's worth of letters. However, we may pick up speed at any minute. In that hopeful regard, these are the three best places we've found for Through The Mail information:

1) Sportscollectors.net. We found out about this from a comment left by MMayes, the gentleman who runs the excellent 1972 Topps baseball card blog. We are trying this out (an annual base subscription costs $14.99, the same as a 2008 Baseball Heroes blaster box) and so far it is an effortless way to keep track of what/when you send and the results. You can do the same in Excel, but it seems easier on this site, with the added advantage of Reality Therapy: people share their information on who actually signs through the mail. One way this information is provided is through the success rate you can expect for each player. For example, a commenter asked us if Mike Pelfrey signs through the mail. We recalled that he did, checked and found that he has a signing rate of 29 percent...

however, on close inspection, it's cards that were sent in 2006 that are the successes! In this database, zippo on any cards sent by people in 2007 and 2008.

2) The well-moderated Baseball Autograph Update in Yahoo! groups is helpful. We recommend that you choose receiving the emails as a Daily Digest. Addresses are often supplied in the emails. A sizable proportion of the information on this site concerns retired players.

3) And there's Frank Hipolito's autograph site, wherein he shares the wonders and challenges of autograph collecting adventures

undertaken through the years with his son Alex.


paulsrandomstuff said...

I think SportsCollectors.Net is definitely worth the money. I'm sure I saved more than $15 last year by knowing who didn't sign so I wouldn't waste my stamps.

MMayes said...

Patricia, you're doing great at using SCN. Another thing I use it for this time of year is figuring out who signs only during spring training. I've been a member there since about 2001 and I can't imagine having any kind of autograph collection without that and Harvey Meiselman's book of addresses for retired ballplayers.

mikepelfreyshouse said...

29 Percent, oh boy...I just sent one out about a week ago to his spring training address. Hope he signs them!