Valentine's Day edition: baseball manga.

This image is from a story our 'tween daughter is working on about a baseball player named Sohi (there's supposed to be a symbol over the 'o' but blogger freaks out when I attempt to include it):

That drawing is a hat tip to our favorite card of Micah Owings, I think (you can see it on the lower right on this page).

I was given this overview drawing for Valentine's Day:

In the story, the artist manages to combine a few interests: hers in vampires (you know about 'tweens and the book Twilight, right?) and manga, and mine in baseball.

That's Raiko fielding.

Here are Hien, Sohi, and Raiu.

The artist likes baseball cards of catchers

in their gear.

So, if an umpire argued with a baseball player who also happened to be a vampire, who would win? I'm pretty sure the umpire would:

even despite bared fangs. The star player (Sohi) is usually pretty serene about it all:

She can't let things get to her.

Or else she might get distracted. It's good to avoid injuries:

Last summer, we went to see Team USA girl's softball team at the end of their tour (right before they went to the Olympics and won a silver medal). I think some of those memories played a part in these illustrations.

One of the countless reasons I am the luckiest mom in the world.

All drawn images in this post are © E.X.


--David said...

Those are fantastic drawings! What a great gift!


Sometimes your children just drive you crazy and make you so angry but then along comes a time like that and it's like they're perfect angels !