The SS Joba.

One can never be sure about these things, and we're probably a bit too skeptical for our own good, but we suspect that Stephen Strasburg is, in the cardboard collecting community, the possible next
SS Joba, if you know what we mean. Everyone gets excited and a bit fervent and spends all kinds of crazy money on baseball cards of this pitcher WAAAAY before he's proven himself.
We guess this is called prospecting. There's always hope, though, if you're a brave soul and don't mind getting soaked.



Stephen Strasburg will be in albuquerque on April 19 to play the Lobos. I hope I can get out to see him Pitch. I am goin to try to get some photos of him when he come to town.

night owl said...

Hype and I do not get along. In fact, we should really be in separate rooms.

(I'd make a terrible prospector).